John 14:25-27

“…my peace I give to you.”  Whenever we pray with sincerity and openness, change happens.  We follow a God who is on the move; on mission in the world.  This awareness can raise anxiety.  What will happen when we pray?  What will be asked of us as individuals and as a congregation?  Will my life become miserable?  I hope you are asking these questions.  If not, perhaps you don’t grasp the ramifications of praying. Praying will bring change.

Is there guidance for us around these questions?  Certainly.  As Jesus prepared his disciples for his departure, he informed them they would be filled with his peace.  They had observed him, sharing life together, as they travelled across the Middle-East landscape.  Obviously, Jesus had a source of peace that exceeded human calmness.  This is the peace Jesus promised them.

Prayer Thought:  Bring your anxiety about praying for God’s will to God.  Remember Jesus’ promise to those first disciples.  Ask God for whatever level of peace you need in order to engage prayer with confidence and joy.