Luke 17:1-6

While Jesus is informing the disciples that forgiving those who wrong us is a requirement of Christian discipleship, the disciples are growing overwhelmed.  “How is this humanly possible?” is the question behind their request for more faith.  Jesus essentially tells them that only a very small quantity of faith is needed for accomplishing great things in God’s kingdom.

If all we need are small quantities, then where do we get our supply?  Even this God will supply.  God will give you what you need to do what God wants done.  So, if you want more faith, ask – seek – knock – and trust that God will give you the amount of faith needed.

Prayer Thought:  Consider asking God to increase your faith.  The disciples before you felt the need to ask Jesus for more faith…and they were looking the Messiah in the eye.  Surely it is a good request for those who have come along 2000 years later.