John 3:1-10, John 7:45-52, John 19:38-39

Nicodemus.  At first he was curious…he saw something in Jesus worth pursuing.  Then he cautiously defended Jesus against some of his Pharisee colleagues.  The last picture we see of Nicodemus in the Bible is of an openly supportive disciple, preparing Jesus’ body for burial.  Nicodemus’ conversion to Christ appears to have evolved over time, becoming a disciple step by step.  He began with curiosity, became a seeker, and then a full-blown disciple.

Like Nicodemus, we are a work in progress.  As we are conformed to the image of Christ, our attitudes and motives shift.  You may wonder how pure your motives are as you pray for yourself and your church.  You may question if you just want what you want…and not what God wants.  Don’t let this fear (or awareness) hold you back.  Don’t wait until your motives are completely pure.  Start praying, in humility and faith, and ask God to help your motives and agendas to grow more Christ-like.  Start where you are and trust God to move you forward.  It is easier to guide a moving ship, than one roped to the dock.

Prayer Thought:  Consider asking God to purify your motives for you and for your church, even while you are praying the best you can at this moment.