Matthew 11:28-30

How can God’s calling for us be easy?  Or God’s burden be light?  When I was a runner, we would plan our training to help us “peak” at just the right time in the season.  We all experientially knew what it was to “peak.”  This is the zone…it’s the time when we feel like we could run forever, when running seems almost effortless, when we can accelerate into a higher gear, when we are almost floating or flying.  This is the time when personal records are set…we are in the zone.

When our lives and our churches are aligned with God’s intentions and purposes, we find the zone.  We are living at our “peak” so to speak.  Following Christ seems nearly effortless and everything flows.  This is when we get a “sneak peek” into what heaven must be like.

Prayer Thought:  We can’t make peak experience happen.  On the other hand we can participate with God to ready ourselves.  Ask God to lead you and your church into the future with courage and faith.