Matthew 7:24-27

“If you find the perfect church, don’t join it…you will ruin it for everyone else.”  We are imperfect people, so when we get together in groups, we form imperfect groups.  Church is no exception.  Hopefully we manage our imperfections in the life of the church with more grace than other organizations, but we will never be perfect in church.

Given this awareness, what is it about our church that really does not reflect Christ’s spirit or mission?  What are the attitudes or expectations that are not based in Christ?  What do we do that may be nice, or enjoyable, or interesting, but really does not advance God’s kingdom?  These things are built on the sand.  We may need to let them go,  preventing them from draining our resources as God’s people.

Prayer Thought:  What in our church life may be built on sand?