Philippians 3:3-9

Becoming and being competent is a great experience.  Most of us train, learn, and develop our skills over time, becoming competent in many activities:  vocational skills, sports, relational expertise, homemaking, etc.  There is great joy in being competent.

When it comes to formation as faithful disciples, competence is a liability.  When we believe ourselves worthy of God’s approval, because of our merits, then we shut God out.  The Apostle Paul was religiously competent, a religious expert no less.  But he gave all that up for the pure grace of God.  In fact, he was willing to give up everything, for the joy of knowing Christ.  In comparison with life in Christ, all his accomplishments seem like garbage.  When we are in Christ, life is sweet.

Prayer Thought:  Are you competent in God?  No?  Great. God is competent in you; in redeeming you. Consider asking God to purify your reliance on God’s grace as the source of your life energy.